About Us

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by a group of friends who were studying medicine at Imperial College London.

Our team members, at J2U, have experienced many social and economic barriers to pursuing higher education. We understand, first-hand, the obstacles many students in the UK are facing. We are also aware of the statistics that underline the lack of representation of students from low income and black and minority ethnic (BME) – this includes lower performance of said students throughout university too despite equal entrance grades to their colleagues.

We plan on using our privilege to tackle this inequality.

Core Committee:


Hi! I’m the Founder of J2U! My principal role is to manage the happenings within J2U. As a student raised within a low-income community – and the first and only doctor in the fam – I understand the difficulty of applying to higher education and really want to use my experiences to help support others!

A bit about me? I enjoy learning languages (did 4 at GCSE and 2 at AS!), am interested in social issues (e.g. racism, poverty) and my dream is to work for a humanitarian organization as a clinical doctor/surgeon.

University: Imperial College London (Medicine)

Hometown: Bordesley Green, Birmingham, UK

Languages: English, French, Mirpuri

Content Creator & Admissions Test Lead

Hello! My name is Kiran. I went to a lovely state school in West London with very supportive teachers. However, I did struggle to acquire a lot of opportunities that were a prerequisite for entry into medical school. Now that I am on the other side and working as a first year doctor in London, I am grateful that I can contribute back through J2U via my role as a content creator and admissions test lead.

I very much enjoy being a doctor – it really is the best job! Outside of medicine, I am always up for a new challenge – I am currently working towards getting my Private Pilot’s License and marathon/triathlon training. No goal is too far-fetched, go for it!

University: Imperial College London (Medicine)

Hometown: Southall, London

Languages: English, Punjabi

Creative & Personal Statement Lead

Hiya! My name is Afiqah (like ‘Africa’ without the ‘R’, LOL!) and I’m also in J2U. I hail from a land far far away, yup literally. I was born and raised in Malaysia, but by the grace of God, now I’m here! Just very blessed to have found friends that I can call family, and even more blessed to share our love with you.

An avid fan of hiking and spoken word poetry, and just spreading love to the world, wanting to be a part of a movement to prove that actually, there is still hope left in humanity. I’ll be the lead for creative and personal statements, so bring on those applications!

University: Imperial College London (Medicine)

Hometown: Sarawak, Malaysia

Languages: English, Malay

Social Media & Interview Lead

Hiii! I’m Nina, one of the members of J2U. I’m originally Iraqi, but I grew up in Acton-Ealing, London and am the eldest of four siblings. I went to a state school in Acton for high school and sixth form and am the first doctor in my fam.

I’m interested in global health and spoken word poetry and just jamming with the peeps I love. I’m the social media lead for J2U so will basics be spamming your fb and instagram feeds and will hopefully see you all at future events.

University: Imperial College London (Medicine)

Hometown: Acton/Ealing, London

Languages: Arabic, English

Open Positions:

  • Campaigns Lead (West Midlands/London) – email admin@journey2uni.co.uk for more info
  • Communities Project Lead (West Midlands for 2017-18) – email admin@journey2uni.co.uk for more info

Volunteer With Us :

  • We are currently looking for volunteers to  assess personal statements and tutor for interviews. If you are interested, please email admin@journey2uni.co.uk with “?volunteer” as the subject title and tell us what you can offer and, importantly, why you’d like to get involved!